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Arizona Senate president sets up email account for voting reports

PHOENIX (KVOA) - As questions continue to cloud over election integrity in Arizona, Senate President Karen Fann announced Thursday the Senate Republican Caucus is setting up a special email account to gather documented proof of voting irregularities in the 2020 General Election in Arizona, according to a news release from the Republican Caucus. 

According to the release, the email will be 'live' until November 27, 2020, so Arizona residents who have firsthand knowledge of possible fraud can detail their accounts. 

"We have heard from constituents across the state concerned about the voting process in Arizona," said President Fann. "I have consistently said, if there is evidence of fraud, we need to look into it. This email account will be a resource for people who are aware of improprieties in Arizona's election process. My hope is this will sort out the facts from vague allegations, give us a clear indication of the veracity of the election and begin an effort to ensure voters have confidence in the election system." 

 The Republican Caucus said to report evidence of fraud or any other voting irregularities it wants people to send a detailed description to The Caucus said you must include your name and contact information so those looking into the incident can follow up. 

According to the release, the Senate President will monitor the reports as they come in and gather all evidence before the election canvass, which is set to take place on November 30, 2020. 

The Trump campaign dropped its lawsuits seeking a review of some votes in Arizona last week after his team's own attorneys admitted to the court the request they were making couldn’t be enough to change the course of the race.   

Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, rejected President Trump’s claims of voter fraud last week saying, . “There is no evidence, there are no facts that would lead anyone to believe that the election results will change.” 

Chorus Nylander

Chorus Nylander is the Chief Investigative Reporter for News 4 Tucson. He is focused on giving the voiceless a voice and holding the powerful accountable.

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