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Local company helps train church security teams

TUCSON - In the state of Arizona, it is legal to carry inside a church. Church security teams are becoming more common across the country.

With an active shooter situation like last week in Texas, experts had a grip on the situation.

The Arizona Church Security Network was founded three years ago to help church-goers feel safe in their place of worship.

"We do not know when things are going to occur," said Arizona Church Security Network Director Christopher Taylor. "We know that in this subculture society of today that bad things happen and we want to be prepared as much as we can."

They work with churches of all sizes from as small as 25 people to megachurches of 7,000.

"We recommend regardless of size, churches have a security team in place. One of the areas that we have been able to serve in as a network is providing communication policies and procedures," said Taylor. "What would this look like in a ministry setting?"

Arizona Church Security Network has helped almost 50 churches in Southern Arizona.

News 4 Tucson tried reaching out to several of those churches, but they were unavailable by deadline.

Taylor said the security team in the Texas church shooting proves they are unfortunately needed.

"I think there were absolutely lives saved that day," said Taylor. "The security team did an excellent job monitoring prior to the threats arrival and then following through with the course of action."

Just last year, Arizona Church Security Network trained 2,000 people. Another option churches go with is hiring off-duty police officers.

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