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New hotel to open in Mount Lemmon


TUCSON - With a target date in June, a new hotel is scheduled to open just north of the Mount Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop.

Developers say their goal is to keep pricing affordable and they're doing that by incorporating more technology. That includes using modular construction which brings the casitas up in pieces before putting them together on-site.

"Very excited, I think it's gonna bring some much-needed things, some positive things to the mountain, particularly an affordable place for somebody to come and stay especially on a short notice," said Grey Carpenter, owner of the Mount Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop.

While congestion on the mountain is a concern for some most people are excited about having something new to experience.

"Everything will be very automated with the scheduling and with the check-in, so doors will have little locks that are wifi connected so that passwords will reset as people check out and check back in, but each one will be personalized and be very Tuscon-y," said Justin Hafner, Mount Lemmon Hotel developer.

Rates will be $99-$149 per night and they will give discounts to registered nurses, Arizona community physicians and military members, including a free night stay for those recently returned from deployment.

Discounts will also be posted on sites like Groupon.

"I think it's gonna bring more attention to the area overall," said Valerie Pinon, a Tucson resident. "A lot of people are gonna be excited to see what new is involved and they're gonna be coming up here to try and get the feel of it."

For more information on the hotel, you can visit

Mark Mingura

Mark Mingura joined KVOA as a Multi Media Journalist in October 2019. Originally from the valley and with ties to Tucson, Mark is excited to get back to his home state and tell the stories of the Old Pueblo.

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