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Animal cruelty law in Arizona goes into effect

PHOENIX – A new animal cruelty law went into effect Tuesday and strengthens penalties for people who abuse domestic animals in Arizona.

Apollo is about 34-years-old and came to Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary a couple of years ago.

“He was dumped in an area south of the airport called Dogpatch,” said Karen Pomroy, the president of the sanctuary. “He had a huge cancerous tumor on his eye.”

Pomroy said that they had his tumor removed and it came back worse, resulting in Apollo having his eye removed in order to live.

“Probably for years this horse served this person because he is very gentle,” she said. “He loaded right in the trailer, he is the sweetest horse, he probably served his owner for years. He was just cast out like a piece of trash and I think that person should be held accountable.”

This new animal cruelty law in effect states that a person can now face a class 5 felony if a domestic animal is cruelly mistreated or killed.

This law intensifies prior punishment, which was a class 6 felony.

“I was excited,” she said. “I was like it is about time because if Equine Voices wasn’t here the 63 equines that are on this property would have perished.”

However, critics of the new law said that expanding the definitions and penalties is dangerous, and could potentially lead to wrongful convictions of innocent people.

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Priscilla Casper

Priscilla Casper is an anchor and multi-skilled journalist for News 4 Tucson. She anchors weekdays at noon and 5 p.m.

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