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Pima County investigating falling bricks in downtown Tucson

TUCSON – A building off Stone Avenue is causing concern to Pima County.

They said bricks have been falling and could pose as a danger to pedestrians and drivers.

The building serves as a workplace for Pima County legal workers. As you walk or drive downtown, you cannot miss it.

“People come into the restaurant just to look at the wall,” said The Nook Manager Anita Curran.

The Nook Restaurant is off Stone Avenue and right up against the wall. They were not aware of the situation.

“We haven’t had any bricks fall into our patio. We didn’t really know anything about it until they informed us,” said Curran.

The building was built in the 1960s. Many people think the exterior is made of tiles but they are really four-inch bricks covered with blue enamel. Within the past couple of months, the enamel has been cracked and falling off.

News 4 Tucson’s Allie Potter asked what the county is doing to help fix the problem.

“We have consultants coming along with contractors and they are going to be building protective awning over the entrance to the building. We will do the swing stage and people will come over the parapet and they will be coming down and taking a look at every single brick that we have,” said Pima County Facilities Director Lisa Josker.

Potter asked The Nook if they have any safety concerns.

“No, we are not really worried about anything. If they say they are going to take care of something, we are pretty confident they are going to take care of it,” said Curran.

Fortunately, no one has been injured and now the county is ready to swing into action.

Inspections and work begin on Saturday and should take about a month or so before this project is complete.

Allie Potter

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