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Baby Cooper’s hawk returns home after rescued by TWC

TUCSON – A Cooper’s hawkling has returned home to his family after the baby bird was found alone on the ground, Tucson Wildlife Center announced Tuesday afternoon.

TWC said shortly after the nestling was found, he was taken to Tucson Wildlife Center to be medically evaluated for potential injuries. After he passed his physical, the bird was cleared to be returned to the location where he was initially found.

According to officials, TWC volunteers found several Cooper’s hawks fledglings near the spot where the baby that was taken into their care was originally found. TWC said an adult hawk was seen watching the babies from a nearby tree.

This adorable Cooper’s hawk nestling was found alone on the ground without an adult nearby. He was brought to TWC where…

Tucson Wildlife Center 发布于 2019年8月13日周二

The volunteers then crafted a nest for the hawkling, using a plastic crate and grass. They then hung the nest on a nearby tree in order and left the baby bird there so the parents would return to feed him, TWC said.

Anyone who comes across abandoned, baby wildlife is advised to call 520-290-9453.

Anthony Victor Reyes

Anthony Victor Reyes is the lead digital content producer at News 4 Tucson. The award-winning journalist previously worked as a community reporter in Jasper County, Iowa.

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