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Pima County asks residents to take flood-prone areas survey

TUCSON – Pima County Regional Flood Control District is asking for your input ahead of Monsoon 2019.

They developed an online survey asking residents to share their knowledge of the flood-prone areas they live and work in and travel through.

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The District says the survey will help them generate its Floodplain Management Plan, which is “intended to minimize the risk of flood and erosion for all County residents, property and infrastructure; provide for early warning of and response to flood emergencies; and identify activities that will be most effective in each of the watersheds in unincorporated Pima County.”

The Floodplain Management Plan stands under the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS).

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Currently, Pima County ranks as a Class 5 community which gives residents a 25-percent discount when purchasing flood insurance, according to Pima County.

The county says the plan is a part of an on-going effort to qualify as Class 3, which comes with a 35-percent discount when purchasing flood insurance.

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