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Wounded warrior hosts rock concerts, helps veterans get gym memberships

TUCSON – One wounded warrior in Tucson was able to heal from his injuries through physical fitness. Now he wants to help other injured soldiers do the same.

Billy Stokes says if it was not for physical fitness, he would be a different person.

Stokes joined the army at a young age.

Wounded Warrior
Billy Stokes joined the army at a young age.

Fifteen years later, he lost his dream job.

“We were fired on and me and a couple other soldiers jumped, fell, and I broke a lot of bones,” said Stokes. “I broke my hip, legs, back, a head injury and that was it. That was my last day in the army.”

He had to get screws in his spine and other surgeries. After being bedridden for weeks, he decided he would not let it get the best of him.

“I just sensed that if you get up and move, you send a signal to your body that you’re going to set a new condition and it’s not going to be laying in bed,” said Stokes.

He goes to the gym as much as possible and says it has changed his life. Now he wants to give back to other wounded warriors.

He is hosting a summer rock concert series and a portion of the proceeds will go to specifically to helping wounded warriors get fit.

“When you donate to the Wounded Warriors that money actually goes to post-traumatic stress soldiers to get them gym memberships, personal trainers that will actually go pick them up and take them to the gym and bring them into the whole idea of the benefits of physical fitness,” said Stokes.

The concert series will feature artists like Great White and it is happening every Saturday for six weeks at Club XS.

Stokes is a guitar player and recording artist himself, so you will see him on stage.

To see more on the summer concert series, go HERE.

Anyone can donate to Wounded Warriors at the concert, but to donate online, go HERE.

Kendra Hall

Kendra Hall

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