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Help the Humane Society of Southern Arizona save more kittens

TUCSON -The Humane Society of Southern Arizona wants the community to know some tips and information on how to save more kittens’ lives.

Each spring, local animals shelters are filled to capacity with litters of kittens. Many of those kittens were brought in because the person who found them did not see the mother cat and believed the kittens were in need of rescue.

However, according to HSSA, this may not be the best thing to do. HSSA says that most of the time, these kittens do not need rescuing. The shelter says that often times, the mother cat is nearby and will return to her kittens. The best chance for young kittens have at survival is to be with their mother.

HSSA recommends the following tips if you happen to come into contact with abandoned kittens.

  • Instead of interfering or handling the kittens, leave them disturbed.
  • Observe them from a safe distance.
  • If the mother cat has not returned to care for the kittens after eight hours, only then should they be considered abandoned.

If you’re interested in helping HSSA or fostering kittens, contact HSSA’s Admissions Department at 520-327-6088, ext. 111 to learn how. For more information visit


Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez is the 4 P.M. producer at News 4 Tucson.
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