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High schoolers across AZ start UA Health Sciences summer program

TUCSON – Fifty high school students from across the state are starting a summer program called Med-Start at the University of Arizona Health Sciences.

The students are from disadvantaged backgrounds, either educationally or financially and are interested in careers in the health-care profession.

“I really like getting involved in different things in the summer, because it keeps me busy,” said Grace Dewier, high school student starting Med-Start program.

Dewier is starting the Med-Start summer program. It was created 50 years ago to increase the number of health-care professionals in Arizona’s rural and economically disadvantaged areas through the recruitment and training of students from these regions.

“I don’t really know what I want to do yet, so I thought this program would be great because it would give me an opportunity to just learn about the different things I could do and the different options,” said Dewier.

It is a 6-week hands-on program. Students from all across the state get to live in dorms and take classes that count as credit when they go to college in a year.

“I’m really interested in having a future where I can actually look forward to and have something that can better myself as well as others,” said Adelys La Turco, high school student starting Med-Start.

Students who have done this program in the past have gone on to become successful health-care professionals.

“If you’re interested in health-care or even have the slight bit of interest, it doesn’t hurt to take a summer up in high school and just focus it on what would show you so much of what health-care is and the possibilities that could grow from it,” said Ycied Talavera, junior in college who did Med-Start in high school.

The program is free to most students through grants.

Go HERE for more information on the program.

Kendra Hall

Kendra Hall

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