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Drug experts warn southern AZ about ‘purple heroin’

TUCSON – Drug experts are warning southern Arizona residents about a dangerous combination of heroin and carfentanil.

“It’s showing up quite a bit so it’s coming,” said Nick Jones with Recovery in Motion.

The drug is known as purple heroin or “purp”, health officials say the drug is extremely powerful.

Carfentanil alone is more than 100 times more powerful than fentanyl.

“So the youngsters now have a little bit of fear of some of the heroin that is coming along cause they know it’s laced with certain things and could kill them. They could just hit a regular dose and die,” said Jones.

Health officials believe purple heroin first became popular in Canada and has been spreading south ever since.

Jones says there are a few ways to tell if someone might be using drugs.

“They won’t be going to school or they won’t be going to work. They try and stay away from you. They will sleep a lot of never sleep at all, one of the two. They are distant but basically, they are evasive,” said Jones.

EDITOR’S NOTE: News 4 Tucson initially reported the drug known as purple heroin was found in southern Arizona. Purple heroin has not been found in the area.

Nick VinZant

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