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Father of the Year Honoree talks family life when mother is overseas

TUCSON- One of the seven Father’s Day Council honorees is Senior Master Sergeant Steve Hill in the U.S. Air Force.

“I was shocked,” said Master Sgt. Hill. “It is an honor. I feel undeserving of it, but my kids are awesome so that is all that I can ask for that they continue to do what they are doing.”

Master Sgt. Hill is a husband and father to three kids. He and his wife are both active duty military members and he shared what it takes to be a dad while his wife is overseas.

“Patience, understanding, a task organizer and just be the rock basically to hold everything together,” he said.

Master Sgt. Hill said there are similarities to being a parent and his job.

“A lot of that is taking on personal issues that sometimes only other children are mean to you because our airmen are young as well so they present some of the same issues that I would have to deal with at home,” he said.

His wife is currently serving in South America and he has this message for her:

“For my wife, I want to say I miss her, I love her. We have been through a lot and this makes us stronger, this time apart, but trying to be the mom and dad for both of us while you are gone.”

His biggest advice for fathers is to keep doing what you are doing. He said that it can be tough, and difficult at times, but be present and your children will thank you later.

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Priscilla Casper

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