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Authorities search for suspect in cold case murder of Ajo mother

AJO, Ariz. – In 2003, Alejandra Molina was brutally murdered in her mother’s home. Authorities say they know who the killer is, but do not know his whereabouts.

Detectives believe Manuel Lozano, 58, is responsible for killing the mother of two.

Anthony Molina was only 8 years old when his mother was murdered. Molina is now 24 years old with a son of his own. He remembers his mother as a kind, warm-hearted and great mother.

“I remember my mom a lot,” Molina said. “I still remember her voice the way she always used to call me by my middle name when I was in trouble.”

Anthony’s younger brother, Eduardo was 2 years old when he lost his mother.

“I don’t really have any memories of her at all,” Eduardo said.

He does not remember much about his mother but has heard about her through family and friends.

Alejandra’s family has set up a social media page called “Alejandra’s Wings“, which shares her story in hopes of finding Manuel Lozano.

“Right now the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has a felony warrant out for Manuel Lozano in reference to a homicide in Ajo, Arizona,” said PCSD deputy, Marissa Hernandez.

Alenjandra died on March 23, 2003. Detectives who processed the scene said it was very brutal.

“The scene was pretty horrific and it appeared she died from blunt force injuries,” said Hernandez.

Molina’s mother, Victorina Patel had just returned from visiting family in India when she found out.

“I remember just sitting there on the floor with my mom crying with her because I knew that’s where she was last,” said Patel.

Patel said that she knew of Manuel Lozano. She would hear from people around town that they would see him trying to approach Alejandra and attempt to buy her drinks and dance.

“She would reject him and just hide in the bathroom hoping he would leave,” said Patel.

Information acquired by investigators is conflicting in identifying the relationship between the two.

Patel is on a mission to find the person responsible for her daughter’s death, but she is thankful for the last conversation she had with Alejandra.

“At least I got the opportunity to hold her one more time and tell her that I loved her and to hear her tell me the same thing,” Patel said.

Authorities believe Lozano may be in Mexico or Texas. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 911 or 88-CRIME.




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