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Educators are on ‘budget watch’ after holding ‘Red For Ed’ walk-ins

TUCSON – Supporters held another series of “walk-ins” at schools across Southern Arizona Wednesday – 24 of them took place here in Tucson. Educators called it the “budget watch.”

Wednesday morning, they stood outside Tucson schools and walked in together, taking a stand for school funding.

“Because Gov. Ducey still has yet to provide or replenish the funding that we so desperately need here in our public schools,” said TUSD educator Christy Sainz.

The walk-in comes as Gov. Doug Ducey and state lawmakers hold budget talks in Phoenix.

“We have schools that are falling apart,” said Sainz. “We need new textbooks. I mean, salaries are definitely apart of it, but the current graduating class of 2019 has never ever been fully funded in a public school system.”

One educator from Tucson High School had a message and challenge for the governor.

“Doug, come walk in my classroom. Check it out. It needs funding,” James Bourland said. “We need money to fix things that are currently busted, broken. I mean, I got mold on the ceilings. Like come on man, get it together.”

Last session, the governor promised to give classroom teachers a 20 percent raise by 2020. Right now, educators said they want schools to be fully funded.

“But we do need to get paid and our raises last year did go to some increases in other items like retirement and so forth. But the biggest part is let’s fix our schools and get our students taken care of,” said TUSD educator Angelina Merritt.

Stay with News 4 Tucson for all the latest updates on the Red for Ed movement and budget talks with Ducey.



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