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Remembering Tombstone man hit and killed by Tucson driver

TOMBSTONE – Robert Keevers Lopez was from Tombstone. Friday, his friends and family gathered outside his favorite restaurant to remember a man they will never forget.

The 62-year old, who went by the name of Keevers, comes from a very large family.
He is the third youngest of 12 kids. His family said he was very talkative and loved music.

“He would sing “Today is your birthday!” He would always sing that no matter if it was anyone’s birthday or not,” said Lopez’s niece Barbara Chavez.

Lopez rarely went out of town but on Wednesday, he went to Tucson with his childhood friend.

“When he left here, the last words he said was “okay” and in Spanish said, “I love you mija.” And I said, “Be careful,” said Chavez. “I was busy at work and that was it.”

Those are the words Chavez will forever keep close, because that night, Lopez was hit and killed on a road near the Foothills.

“I believe that the girl that hit him, she should have stopped and to realize what she has done to me,” said Lopez’s cousin Louis Martinez. “Because it is almost like you are letting that person get hit and then there is a possibility he had a chance to live.”

“He was part of Tombstone and he was a gentle soul. He is a kind person and he made friends with everybody,” said friend of 20 years Sharon Williams.

The family said, Lopez and his sister who recently passed away from cancer, will be buried together in June.

Daniela Shelby/Pima County Sheriff’s Department

25-year old Daniela Shelby was the driver and suspect in the hit and run near East Sunrise Drive and North Hacienda del Sol Road.
She was arrested and faces several charges including aggravated driving under the influence and failure to remain at the scene of a collision causing death.

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