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Governor Doug Ducey passes adult changing table law

SAHUARITA – A baby changing table inside a public restroom is common, but for adults, it is not.
Three Southern Arizona moms from the advocacy group “Dignified Changes” have pushed to get changing tables for adults in Arizona public restrooms.

Tuesday, Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill into law that one Sahuarita mom said is a huge victory for her daughter.

It is a lifestyle Marianne Scott never thought she would have. Her daughter Maycee was born with complications and has cerebral palsy. She is now 17 years old and has to wear a diaper.

“We have a serious issue in our home to even go out and enjoy our community and be included because my daughter Maycee is incontinent,” said Scott.

The Scott family is forced to change Maycee’s diaper on the floor of public restrooms.

“There were times that I thought, I wonder why this isn’t already in place. How can a business not already put this in place? And then you have to stop for a second and you have to really understand and be like, maybe these people had no idea,” said Scott.

That is why Scott along with two other moms, approached State Representative Richard Andrade about adult sized tables.

“There is no privacy. Not dignity. There is no respect in it. Is it a burden? It is a burden for them because they have to choose every single day of their lives, they have to make that decision, “ok can we go to this place? Do they have a changing table,” said Andrade.

Tuesday, Governor Ducey signed a law which requires an adult changing table in a new public building or renovation of $50,000 or more.

“To see how many people worked for this like the time and the emails and the phone calls. It is humbling. It touches your heart because I love my daughter so much and I would hope any parent would do something like this for their child. To have people in Arizona at the legislative process, to validate your concern,” said Scott.

A new public library is being built in Sahuarita.
Scott hopes an adult changing table will be installed to help families out, like the Scott’s.

Rep. Andrade said this is a perfect example that your voice, really does matter. You just have to find a legislator who will listen and take action.

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