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Mangled van removed from Mount Lemmon, 19 years later

MOUNT LEMMON, Ariz. – After 19 years sitting in a canyon off Catalina Highway, the mangled wreckage of a rusted van has finally been removed.

Manuel Montijo drove the van off a cliff in 2000. His wife, Jenny said the remnants of the vehicle are a painful reminder of his tragic suicide.

“I sit there and I look at it, and I relive the whole scenario,” she told News 4 Tucson in March.

Montijo told her story at a seminar this year, inspiring those in attendance to take action.

“Within 9 weeks, we went from an idea to something happening,” said Dan DeLong.

The entire effort to recover the van was volunteer-driven. After receiving all the necessary permits, the team at Mobile Maintenance and Towing performed the extraction free of charge.

“It’s important that we get it removed from the canyon,” said owner, Lloyd Snoots.  “It doesn’t belong here. Jenny’s concern is our concern, as well.”

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