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Siblings of Roman testify in Barreras trial

TUCSON – It was a heart wrenching and an emotional day inside a Pima County Superior courtroom. Witnesses, some who are family members of Raquel Barreras, took the stand to testify.

Barreras is accused of starving her 3-year-old son, Roman, to death and is being charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse.

The skeletal remains of Roman were found by a landlord in March 2014, inside a toy chest. It was abandoned after the Barreras family moved out of their Tucson rental home.

Friday, Roman’s sister told the court said she asked her mom why Roman was left inside that toy chest and the mom replied. “He was very very very bad.”

The brother of Roman also testified and got very emotional as he said he looked inside the toy box in the backyard before they moved and saw his little brother dead inside.

Another sister talked about how Barreras would not let her four other kids play with Roman and said “It was none of their business.”

According to an autopsy report, the child died from starvation and neglect.

The siblings of Roman also talked about how there was a laundry room outside their house. Their mom would keep Roman in it, locked. Two of the kids would sneak in to feed their three-year-old brother crackers and said he looked very thin and knew something was wrong.

The trial is expected to resume on April 29 and wrap up sometime in May.

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