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Local non-profits urge residents to donate for AZ Gives Day

TUCSON – Tuesday is a big day for Arizona non-profits. It is Arizona Gives Day, which is a day dedicated to giving and increasing philanthropy.

“It was pretty bad,” said Melissa Mendoza. “What happened is my father died and I went down through a major depression.”

Mendoza found HOPE Incorporated, which is a non-profit that provides recovery support to hundreds of people with mental health and substance use disorders.

“I couldn’t have done it without HOPE,” said Mendoza. “It’s just what the name is… It’s hope. And they gave me hope and provided all the services that I needed to be where I’m at today.”

HOPE is encouraging residents to give on Tuesday.

“Mental health and substance abuse can touch anybody at any age and so for someone to say that this may not hit them at home, they need to look outside of their home because it touches so many other people in so many other ways that they have connections with,” said Dan Haley, HOPE Incorporated CEO.

Another non-profit that could use donations is Ben’s Bells. They have been spreading kindness in Southern Arizona for 16 years.

“Every cent counts,” said Helen Gomez, Ben’s Bells Executive Director. “We are grateful for every donation and it’s not even just about the donation, it’s the fact that they are helping an organization right now in a time where I feel like kindness is not practiced frequently. So it’s something that we need and it brings communities together.”

More than 700 non-profits are participating in Arizona Gives Day. It is a 24-hour online giving campaign that raises millions of dollars.

Go HERE to give through midnight on Tuesday.

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