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Saguaro National Park attendance surges with spring right around the corner

TUCSON – With the spring upon us, the Arizona weather is almost perfect for hiking. As such, parks and trails across Tucson have been surging with visitors.

To help lower potential overcrowding, Saguaro National Park is advising visitors to try to visit during the park’s off hours.

“The weather is great, many schools are out on spring break, and we are seeing record visitation in both districts of the park,” Chief Ranger Ray O’Neil said. “The visitor center parking lot in the Rincon Mountain District, on the east side of the city, has been particularly busy, as has the Cactus Forest Loop Drive. “

Park officials say the best time to visit the park is before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m. During this time, visitors high a higher chance in avoiding the large crowds and finding a decent parking spot at the trailhead.

“It is a great time for a visit, but please come prepared with some patience and a plan B, just in case there isn’t parking available at that trailhead,” O’Neils said.

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Anthony Victor Reyes

Anthony Victor Reyes

Anthony Victor Reyes is the lead web content producer at News 4 Tucson. The University of Arizona graduate previously served as an award-winning community reporter at a news publication in Newton, Iowa.
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