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Protecting your home from bees

TUCSON- A bee attack in Green Valley Monday killed an 11-year-old family dog. The vet says the dog had more than 500 stings when she was brought into the office.

The hive was in the backyard and with all of the rain Tucson has had this winter, experts say we can expect more attacks like this one.

Bee remover Scott Eshelman said now is the time to take a look around your home and make sure everything is sealed up. He advised patching any pencil-sized cracks with sealants. Otherwise, you could become one of his clients.

“We just did one this weekend. The hive had been there for several years and we removed about 30,000 bees and over 100 pounds of comb,” Eshelman said.

Eshelman said if you spot a hive around your home you should avoid it.

“The larger the hive gets the more the bees can become aggressive. Because they have more bees that they can use as guard bees to protect the hive,” Eshelman said.

While some of us may see a beehive and think to grab a water hose. He says it is best to leave it to the professionals.

“You can contact the Southern Arizona Beekeepers association and they have individuals who can remove and re-locate hives safely,” Eshelman said.

As southern Arizona starts to see more bees he says there are several places you can look at around your home to prevent bees from extending their stay.

“The three locations that (we) most see first is in a water box, secondly is underneath a wooden shed, (and) up near where the roof meets the wall it’s called the soffit area,” Eshelman said.

Charity Freeman

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