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HB 2364: Education bill falls short on Arizona House floor

PHOENIX- An education bill that has faced the Arizona House of Representative twice, once again failed to pass on Monday, March 11th.

The bill was closely watched by Sky Island High School teacher Steve Painter and his students.

The bill would provide a one-year grant program for teachers to buy classroom supplies.

The first vote in the Arizona house fell but it was brought forward for another floor vote.

During its second vote, the bill lost 31-29. Painter said seven Democrats who supported the bill during the first vote voted no during the second and eight Republicans who voted no the first time supported the bill during the second vote.

To help teach his students the legislative process of the state of Arizona, Painter decided to have his students send emails to legislatures to share their opinion on House Bill 2364.

Hector Ponce

Hector Ponce

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