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Arizona Senate passes statewide distracted driving bill

PHOENIX- A statewide distracted driving bill in Arizona is one step closer to reaching Governor Doug Ducey’s desk.

The Senate passed the statewide distracted driving bill SB 1165 Monday afternoon, which would prohibit drivers from using their phone while driving.

Senators went back and forth expressing their thoughts and concerns during the vote.

“Many of us on the committee are moved to tears,” said Senator Lisa Otondo. “I pray for the day in Arizona that these families do not have to continue to come to committee and tell of the tragedies that their loved ones faced.”

“We are focusing on a singular device rather than on the actions that would be broader distraction argument,” said Senator Eddie Farnsworth. “If we are going to go down this path, I think we have to go with distractions in their totality with some evidence that it is impairing driving.”

Nearly 30 municipalities in Arizona have passed some type of regulation or ban on texting while driving.

The President of the Arizona Senate Karen Fann said that this has caused a statewide concern.

“It seeks to create a uniform law that would be statewide superseding all other municipalities which would give all our other motorists as well as our business owners and everyone else the ability to know exactly what our laws are from one city to another city,” she said.

The bill will now head to the House for a vote.

Matt Benz

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