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Angel Charity for Children announces 2019 beneficiaries

TUCSON- The Angel Charity for Children made its selection of beneficiaries for 2019 Wednesday afternoon.

The two large agencies chosen were Children’s Clinic and TRAK, known as Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids.

“I’m so excited, today is the best day ever,” said Gemma Thomas, the Chief Administrative Officer for Children’s Clinics. “We are thrilled to partner with Angel Charity for Children to build the Angel Charity Center for Care at Children’s Clinics.”

Thomas said that this center will take care of more than 7,000 of Tucson’s most ill children.

As for TRAK, Angel Charity is funding a program that provides animal-assisted life skills.

“It takes children in our community who may have autism or different issues, and it helps provide therapy for them using horses and other animals at the ranch,” said Melissa Almquist with the Angel Charity for Children.

“We are very grateful,,” said Scott Tilley with TRAK. “We very look forward to this collaboration with them.”

Angel Charity will raise $160,000 for a handful of small agencies previously announced and more than $800,000 for the agencies selected Wednesday.

If you want to help and donate to these organizations, click here. 

Matt Benz

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