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New tech could help drivers catch more green lights

TUCSON – New technology is coming to county traffic signals, and it could help speed up stop-and-go traffic.

The camera equipment, designed by Miovision Technologies Incorporated, gives engineers a 360-degree view of intersections 24/7.

“This is a new system. We currently have it deployed at 30 intersections, we’re hoping to deploy it at a lot more,” explained Michelle Montagnino, a civil engineer with the Pima County Department of Transportation. “We can pull up information on how traffic is arriving at intersections, how that relates to how the timing is.”

That means the county can better design the timing of green lights on busy roads.

“There’s a real emphasis on trying to get people moving and, once you get moving, you want to keep moving,” said Montagnino. “So we’re trying to time our lights so that when you come up to the traffic signal, it’s already green so you keep on going instead of having to stop over and over again.”

The cameras do not monitor speed or red light runners, so they won’t result in traffic tickets.

On Tuesday, the Pima County Board of Supervisors approved more money for more systems.

Officials said the entire cost of the project is about $1.17 million. But for drivers, the results could be priceless.

“[It means] less stopping, less time idling, so better fuel economy. We’re hoping to have all 103 intersections deployed by July next year,” said Montagnino.

Aalia Shaheed

Aalia Shaheed

Aalia Shaheed is a reporter and weekend anchor for KVOA News 4 Tucson.
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