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Give Kids a Smile Day Tucson provides dental care for uninsured children

TUCSON — A special event was held today to give children a clean smile in Tucson.

“Give Kids a Smile Day Tucson” was held at the Pima Community College West Campus this morning.

The event provided dental care to children without any insurance coverage, at no cost. Event organizers say the parents were thankful for the services.

“Most of our parents are super excited because their children may go home today not feeling in pain and with a smile on our face. That’s really the payment that all of us are really hoping for,” said pediatric dentist Kyla Hollen.

Give Kids a Smile Day is an annual event held nationally at a variety of cities across the county and organized in part with the American Central Association Foundation.

For more information about the event, click here.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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