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Could your smartphone be affecting your relationship?

TUCSON- All relationships are different, but a recent study looked at how your smartphone is affecting your relationship.

“In a large study of over 3000 people of Pew Research Center investigation of people who use smartphones 82 percent of people report frequent disturbance of in-person interactions by virtue of the phones,” said University of Arizona psychology professor David Sbarra.

The study also found that nearly 50 percent of adults reported they “couldn’t live without” their phones.

“Anyone who has a partner who has a phone knows the experience of being snubbed when that person is looking at their phone and you are trying to say something important,” he said.

Those moments could lead to the person feeling ignored, annoyed or pushed away.

Professor Sbarra is examining why people are drawn to their phones and take us out of the moment in our relationships.

“This long review paper is really about a moment of deliberate self-examination which we are trying to take stock of these down stream effects and if you start acting with intentionally and what is that essentially the opposite of mindlessly getting lost in the technology,” he said.

Sbarra said that a smartphone introduces a variety of new ways to be distracted nearly all the time.

So this Valentine’s Day put down the phone and be in the moment with your significant other.

Matt Benz

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