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Push for adult changing tables in Arizona public restrooms

If you have ever been inside of a public restroom, you have probably seen diaper changing tables. But one southern Arizona family is pushing for changing tables for adults in restrooms across the state.

Marianne Scott’s 17-year-old daughter, Maycee, has cerebral palsy and is intellectually disabled. She is also incontinent and wears a diaper, which makes public outings a challenge.

“We have to think where on earth can we change Maycee? If you are in a public place, there really is nowhere else to do so other than public bathroom floors,” said Scott. “It’s dehumanizing. It’s not dignified.”

Scott recently posted about the challenge her family faces with public restrooms in a Facebook video, which received thousands of views.

State Representative Richard Andrade is currently sponsoring a bill pushing for more baby changing tables statewide.

AZ HB2529 states: “a public or private entity that constructs a new restroom or substantially renovated an existing restroom in a public building or place of public accommodation shall include at least one baby diaper changing station”.

A ‘substantial’ renovation is defined as one that costs at least $10,000.

AZ HB2529 still has to be heard in committee before it can go further. Rep. Andrade said it is possible to amend the bill to include adult sized tables.

“I started receiving emails on adults changing tables, and thought man this is something we really need to expose,” Rep. Andrade said. “The public would have to really speak up, come here and testify or send emails.”

Scott said the call for inclusive restrooms would only affect businesses of a certain size and would give ample time to make changes.

“We’re not asking to come in and make your business fail because we’re asking to come in and have an enclosed space with an adults sized changing table,” she said.


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