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Rural Metro Fire raises awareness about burn injuries

Courtesy: Rural Metro Fire

Rural Metro Fire joined other fire departments to raise awareness about burn injuries.

This year’s theme of National Burn Awareness week is “scald.”

Officials said every minute a person is seriously burned in the United States.

Rural Metro Fire is offering a few tips on how to prevent scald burns in your home.

  • Turn pot handles away from the stove and use back burners when cooking
  • Use dry oven mitts when moving hot cookware
  • Make sure children do not play in the kitchen when cooking
  • Be cautious when uncovering food from the microwave. This can cause steam burns.
  • Third degree burns occur when water reaches 155 degrees. Coffee often severed hotter than this temperature.
  • Wait one minute before opening microwave popcorn to avoid being burned by the steam
  • Run cold water over an injured area if you are burned. Remove any clothing from the area and cover with a dry, sterile bandage. Do not use first aid cream and seek medical attention immediately.


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