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Tucson City Council to vote on Complete Streets Ordinance

TUCSON – It is only five days into February and so far this year, two pedestrians have been killed on Tucson streets.

It is why city officials are looking at ways to make it safer.

Driving down Grant Road, News 4 Tucson spotted Kimberly Kosik, pushing a stroller down a bike lane, but that was her only option because there was no sidewalk.

“It’s very scary,” said Kosik. “They can run us over. And they’re coming from behind us and we’ll get hit from behind.”

Kosik, like many Tucsonans, does not have a car and walks daily with two of her children.

She says there are many areas where the sidewalk just ends.

“There’s a lot of those, but they’re like big gaps between,” Kosik said. “It feels like they are two miles or three miles. I mean it may not be that long, but for us walking it feels a lot longer. And it’s not safe for me or my children. Especially my children.”

Tucson City Council will vote on the Complete Streets Ordinance Tuesday night. If it passes, the goal is to allow people to safely walk and bike.

“Everybody at some point in their life is a pedestrian,” said Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Council Member, Ward 6. “Everybody at some point gets around in ways other than cars. The way we design our roads right now is completely car-centric. Complete Streets is a different kind of mindset as far as roadway design is concerned. It’s saying we’re going to build roadways, but we’re also going to consider how people get around other than driving.”

Some of the items this ordinance will include is adding sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks, bike routes, shade trees, and accessible comfortable bus stops.

“These design elements are simply safety elements, but they also make for quality of life,” said Kozachik.

Go HERE to see a draft of the Complete Streets Tucson Ordinance.

City Council will vote in the regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday evening.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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