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Gov. Ducey says the Drought Contingency Plan will help Arizona’s water crisis

TUCSON – Gov. Doug Ducey laid out his top priorities for his new term during Monday’s State of the State Address. Fixing Arizona’s water crisis was at the top of the list.

On Tuesday, the governor joined legislative leaders from both parties in a press conference. He told the media they are working together to pass the Drought Contingency Plan.

Arizona is one of seven states known as the Colorado Basin states. They receive a supply of water from the Colorado River, Lake Mead and Lake Powell.

“Have a look at Lake Mead,” said former governor, Bruce Babbitt. “The bathtub ring all the way around the lake and the very real possibility that a continuing drought could lower that lake to dead pool. At which point, it is impossible to draw water.”

The Drought Contingency Plan is meant to protect the lake from reaching those low levels. Rest assured, this is not at the level that affects homeowners.

“It is about our agricultural sector. It is about our municipal industrial users and from there, we really need Arizona’s innovative spirit to make sure these industries are using less water,” said Kirsten Engel, District 10 Tucson representative.

Arizona is also working on its own implementation plan, but first, the focus is the Drought Contingency Plan. The deadline for this agreement is Jan. 31. If you would like your voice to be heard, contact your local legislatures.



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