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Tech Tips: Taking a break from tech

Do you feel like you need a break from all the tech at work or home? Well, there’s tech for that!
News 4 Tucson’s Quincey Hobbs has some suggestions in Friday’s Tech Tips.

Whether it’s gaming, social media, or the latest app; we’re inundated by tech and it can be good to take break from time to time. It may sound counterintuitive, but there are apps that can help us do just that and this we’re going to look at a few.

Smartphones and tablets are the devices that keep many people tethered to the activities that consume much of our time. The good news is that iPhone and androids that have the most recent operating system upgrades have a feature that can track your usage. The hope is that if you have tangible information about your usage, then you can adjust your device usage. If you check the settings for both types of devices then you should be able to access your usage stats. If you have an older device or just want more options then both the flipdapp and inthemoment app may be useful. They seek to subtly guide you to unplug. The Flipdapp tries to connect you with others away from your devices. Its desire is to have you disconnect without feeling disconnected. The inthemoment app encourages you to rethink the way that we interact and prioritize our devices. It employs coaching sessions to develop this new outlook on the role that our devices play in our lives.

The Offtime app and the Freedom app are site and app blocking tools that want you to focus while working and be present during off hours. The Freedom app has similar features as the Offtime app with the exception that it was created specifically for Mac and Apple users. Both will help you manage the applications that seem to distract you most frequently.

The Rescuetime app has many of the same analytical and statistical usage information that the new operating systems provide. Where it differs in the degree that you can use this one application across multiple devices such as your phone, tablet or laptop. The Youjustneedspace app is for those that feel that they are approaching addiction level with their interaction with their devices. This app assess your degree of dependency on your gadgets or apps and uses Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience to disrupt the instant gratification that can be associated with app and device usage.

Feel free to email me your questions at, and for News 4 Tucson I’m your tech contributor Quincey Hobbs.

Faye DeHoff

Faye DeHoff

Faye DeHoff is the 4 p.m. producer at News 4 Tucson. She has been at the station since 2007.
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