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UA student goes back to school after being hit by drunk driver

TUCSON – University of Arizona students went back to school Wednesday. This semester includes one student who is back on campus after a full year off.

After being in a coma for 23 days, many surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy, Ashley Murray is back on campus. She and her family say it is truly a miracle.

In December of 2017, Murray was home for the holidays in California. She was out with friends and got in an Uber to go home, but reports say a drunk driver hit the Uber she was in.

“I was in the hospital for like six months – 178 days,” Murray said. “I had like 11 surgeries. I had to relearn how to talk.”

She had a traumatic brain injury and she is still in therapy. One of her biggest goals has been to get back to campus to finish her last semester at the U of A.

“Everyone was kind of like ‘I wouldn’t get your hopes up’ but the fact that I actually met my goal to come back this semester was crazy to me,” said Murray. “It’s hard to even process.”

Just days ago, Murray moved back to Tucson for her final semester before she graduates. Her mom moved with her to help her out around the house.

“I’m nervous about school,” said Murray. “I mean I’ve always been good at school. I know that I’ll be able to study and get my work done, but I think actually going to class will be a little weird.”

She says she remembers everything she learned, but typing and writing is still a challenge. She is now a part of the Disability Resource Center at the U of A, so she can video record lectures for notes.

Murray is a public health major and is set to graduate in May. She has an internship at St. Mary’s Hospital and wants to be a nurse.

Anyone who wants to help her with school expenses can go HERE to donate to her Go Fund Me account.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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