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2018 U.S. Farm Bill legalizes hemp

TUCSON – In December, Congress agreed to the final version of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and it was signed into law.

It legalizes hemp, which is a plan that is almost identical to marijuana and a key source of CBD oil.

CBD is known to calm anxiety, chronic pain, and many other things. This Farm Bill allows farmers to legally grow industrial hemp and that could mean more CBD products on the shelves.

Through this Farm Bill, hemp will no longer be considered a controlled substance. But what about CBD oil?

“Hemp will be declassified and taken off schedule 1 and be legal,” said Dr. Heather Moroso, owner of Moroso Medical Center. “CBD, on the other hand, is still not legalized.”

CBD products that come from marijuana plants with more than .03% THC are still federally illegal.

Moroso says it could be a huge boom for the industry or it could mean less product.

It looks like what they’re going to try and do is just have CBD from government-approved Farm Bill hemp,” said Moroso.

Like Moroso, Brian Mildebrandt, co-owner of Your CBD Store, says there are many benefits of CBD oil.

Hemp is now defined as an agricultural product instead of a controlled substance for the first time ever. Experts say this shift may spark more interest into CBD.

“The government will actually be able to do proper testing and the research in order to prove the efficacy of the products that millions of people are already experiencing,” said Mildebrandt.

CBD is known to help with a variety of things. The FDA recently approved the CBD-based prescription drug Epidiolex for people with epilepsy.

CBD is showing up in more and more products from coffee and beer to bath bombs and lotion.

“It does seem like it might be just a trendy thing,” Mildebrandt said. “Funny thing is that cannabis has been used for over 5,000 years throughout the ages.”

CBD products will not produce a high because they do not have THC in them.

HERE is more info on Your CBD Store.

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