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Nap pods help sleepy students on the UA Campus

TUCSON – We can all use a little shuteye. But it is especially crucial for University of Arizona students and staff as they approach finals.

“It is getting that sleep that most college students do not tend to get,” said student Logan Porrazzo

The University of Arizona is the first school to have these HOHM sleeping pods installed on campus.
They are located in the honors lounge on the third floor of the Student Union.

“So they are 43.5 square feet. They each have a twin size bed, charging portals for your iphone, your laptop, USB,” said HOHM Founder Nikolas Woods. “It is just a great place to go as a student to go escape from the hectic environment and recharge.”

Woods attended the UA and is now the founder HOHM sleeping pods.

“What I kind of realized is that sleep is such a basic human necessity and so it food right? If you need food on the go, there are so many options. You can get pizza, steak, a burger or whatever,” asked Woods? “But when you need sleep on the go, what are your options?”

Sophomore student Logan Porrazzo was sitting in class and feeling exhausted since he only got three hours of sleep last night.

“I was like wow, a nap sounds awesome,” said Porrazzo. “Because I have a four-hour break right now and after that I am going to be on campus until midnight.”

Students like Porrazzo will rest comfortably one at a time in this soundproof pod.

“We have Tempur Sealy mattresses in each one of our pods,” said Porrazzo. “They are brand new mattress cocoon.”

Each student or faculty member is given two hours of free nap time each month. Those naps can be range from 30 minutes to four hours and booked through the “HOHM app.”

The pods are available for sleep every day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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