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Tech Tips: Tech gadgets that can help during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t normally associated with tech, but there are more than a few tech solutions that can help any celebration go a little smoother. So in this week’s Tech Tips, News 4 Tucson’s Tech Contributor Quincey Hobbs looks at some tech options that can increase your reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

For those that are hitting the road for Thanksgiving, there are a handful of apps that you should not leave your home without. Now, of course, many people will be using the Waze app to look for traffic jams and speed traps, but there are three more apps that you may want to use as well. Roadtrippers is a travel app that can make the ride a little more enjoyable. Yes, you can find places to eat and sleep if need be, but you are also informed of areas of local interest that could become a quick detour along your way. iExit is an app for those that truly focused on getting from point A to point B and only stopping when necessary. This app lets you know what is awaiting at every exit along your route. So if you need to make a restroom or gas stop, you’ll know which exit is best for you to make a pit stop. Another app to have handy is the Flush app. It’ll inform you of the closest bathroom and the condition of the bathroom. This can come in useful if you’re traveling through a town or city that you don’t frequent.

Now if you’re the one responsible for the meal itself, then there are several tech options that you can benefit from. If you’re preparing the meal then apps such as Instacart, Shipt, Amazon Fresh, and Google Express can have food delivered to you. This can save you the crowds of heading to market, especially if there is something that you forgot to pick up. If you forget something the day of or the day before, you may want to use Shipt or Postmates. They not only perform same day and one-hour deliveries they also can deliver from other stores besides grocery stores.

Once you’re ready to start cooking the Pure Light Oven from Brava can decrease your total cooking time. It’s an appliance that can sit on your countertop and perform the function of a traditional oven. Sous Vide has really become a popular way of cooking in 2018, and the Sous Vide wand from Anova may be worth considering. It offers a different way to prepare some Thanksgiving favorites. Part of a tasty meal is ensuring that meats are cooked internally at the proper temperature. The wireless thermometer from Maverick is an example of means to verify that your turkey reaches the desired temperature.

Now if that seems like too much work, there are a plethora of options like uncrate to have food delivered at varying states of preparedness. If you want the feel of leftovers without the labor of the actual meal, then Munchery has various deliverable choices for common leftover favorites.

Finally, as wonderful as the time with friends and family can be, some may find it more than a little stressful. Wysa is a chatbot app that will just let you vent and unstress. It bills itself as your 4 am friend when you don’t have anyone to talk to.

Feel free to email me your questions at, and for News 4 Tucson I’m your Tech Contributor Quincey Hobbs.

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