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People concerned about 5G as FCC approves installation

TUCSON – The FCC is allowing wireless carriers to proceed with the installation of thousands of small antennas transmitting at higher frequencies and power than ever used before commercially.

There are big concerns that the higher frequencies will cause cancer. 5G wireless can be exciting for some and scary for others.

In 2017, Arizona became the first state in the nation to enact legislation to streamline the deployment of small cell technology to support 5G.

“Is this a technological revolution or is it a pandora’s box,” said Elizabeth Kelley with Pima County 5G Awareness Coalition.

That is the million dollar question, one that might be answered once 5G makes it way into homes and businesses.

“The citizens are concerned very much about our health, privacy, the affects on the environment, personal freedom. We’re concerned that this kind of technology, if it happens, if it’s fully built out, threatens democracy as we know it,” said Kelley.

The group says this technology uses very high frequency waves. “Called millimeter wave radiation. Which until this point, until this commercial application, was only used by the military for weapon surveillance, said Kelley.”

Kelley said there is a much safer option. “For example, fiber to the premises, using fiber optics. We already have fiber in the city. We can build on that.”

A public forum will be help Saturday, November 17 at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church – 3809 E. 3rd Street, Tucson from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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