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Detectives testify in trail of mother accused of severely burning adopted daughter

TUCSON- Thursday was the second day of testimony in the Samantha Osteraas case.

Osteraas is accused of severely burning her adopted five-year-old daughter in December of 2016.

Jurors finished hearing from the first detective on the case as well as other detectives.

Detective Butcher with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department says he arrived one minute after the 911 call.

He spoke about Osteraas’ demeanor when he arrived saying she was panicked and hysterical.

Detective Butcher says the water heater was turned to the highest setting and had dust on the knob indicating it had not recently been touched.

A piece of evidence from detectives showed that the bath water was 120.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Friday morning, the victim’s primary burn specialist and surgeon will testify, as well as the minor victim.

The trial is expected to last about one week.

Matt Benz

Matt Benz

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