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Arizona volunteers deployed to Florida to help with Hurricane Michael

TUCSON –  Red Cross workers are leaving their homes in Tucson to help others in need.

News 4 Tucson met up with volunteers who are on their way to Florida to help with Hurricane Michael relief efforts.

Joe Middendorf is being assigned to Tallahassee, Fla. The airport there is closed, so he is flying to Orlando and spending the night there. He will then rent a car and drive to Tallahassee on Thursday.

The other volunteer from Tucson already left and will meet Middendorf in Florida. The men will stay in Florida and return in two weeks.

Middendorf had to take a lot of classes to help him prepare for this type of situation. He said do not let his age fool you, there is a lot of manual labor on the assignment, such as building. He said despite the physical demands,  anyone can do it.

“We need lots of volunteers. Don’t let your age or your physical condition stop you from doing that,” Middendorf said. “Please get out there and volunteer. Please send money to the red cross.”

To volunteer or donate, visit

Allie Potter

Allie Potter

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