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Tucson Pride festival draws thousands

TUCSON — Thousands of Tucsonans gathered at Reid Park Saturday for the 41st annual Tucson Pride Festival.

“When we come in here through these gates we’re not judged,” 20-year-old Treven McDonald said. “We can all be ourselves around one another and that’s special.”

“Being happy and being yourself and being able to celebrate other people and being able to hold my partner’s hand without people judging us or slamming us,” Bobby Hughes said.

The first Tucson Pride was held 1977. Organizers say six people attended that year, this year they’re hoping for upwards of 4,000

After all the progress in the last four decades, some fear we’re now at a standstill.

“We’ll keep trucking,” Rachel Kate said.

“We’re trying to get to that place where everyone is loved equally and accepted equally,” UA sophomore Julia Kettles said. Where there’s no bakers telling us we can’t have a cake, we’re trying to get there.”


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