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Sierra Vista police shoot dogs after boy was attacked

SIERRA VISTA — A 9-year-old boy Sierra Vista boy is in a Tucson hospital, recovering from a dog attack.

Authorities say the boy was taken to Tucson because his injuries were too serious to be treated in Sierra Vista. The boy has cuts, contusions, bite marks, and puncture wounds.

Around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday night, police got a call from witnesses who saw several dogs attack the boy in the family’s backyard. News 4 Tucson can confirm that Sierra Vista police officers tazed and shot the dogs when they arrived on scene, in order to get the boy timely care.

Four dogs that were wounded had to be euthanized. The police department says its officers’ actions saved the boy’s life.

“While the injuries were not severe, they were mounting,” Sgt. Brian Sebastian said. “If the attack had continued there’d be no way to say what would have happened but I believe the officers actions were very, very timely prevented further injury and possibly saving his life.”

Neighbor Eric Sundius said the family of the boy kept to themselves but the homeowner’s 10 dogs are a nuisance.

“I didn’t know they had a child,” Sundius said. “I just like to enjoy the peace and quiet of my yard and I found that hard to do sometimes. I always wondered what was going on over there.”

Police will not be releasing the name of the boy because he is a juvenile. Police say the boy was home alone at the time of the incident. Now, the Arizona Department of Child Services is involved in the investigation.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 4 Tucson for updates as more information becomes available.




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