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Study says Arizona has the 4th highest imprisonment rate in the country

ARIZONA- According to a study from, the prison population in Arizona has grown by 60-percent since 2000.The organization says it is driven by poor policy choices, not crime. According to, the criminal justice system is corrupt and their agenda is to influence policy makers and those around them. Founders include Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Their recent study said the state’s rapid prison growth cannot be explained by more crime or a growing population. But instead, driven by decisions to send more people to prison for non-violent offenses….and keeping people in prison longer than the national average.

“The average person would think well we have a lot of people In prison, that must mean there’s a lot of crime in Arizona. That’s absolutely not true. The report is very clear that the reason for this is policy choices and charging decisions by prosecutors and the courts,” said Program Director at AFSC Caroline Isaacs.

The study found the growth was the result of policy and practitioner choices that increased the number of people sent to prison for lower-level offenses. also claims taxpayers spend more money on prisons than on higher education. They said this is the first of several studies to be released regarding “Arizona’s Imprisonment Crisis.”



Allie Potter

Allie Potter

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