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DIGGING DEEPER: Midvale Park problems

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Tucson (KVOA) - Some Midvale Park residents are up in arms about a recent notice alerting residents they had to paint their homes or be fined.

That's not settling too well with people who have lost jobs or had their hours cut due to the pandemic.

Some of the residents tell the Digging Deeper Team there are about 7,000 homes in their community.

This past August, they received a letter from the Midvale Park Homeowners Association telling them they had to paint their houses.

"They're harassing us constantly that our houses have to be repainted, the houses have to be in a certain way and we never had a say," Anabel Valdez said.

Valdez has lived in Midvale since 2008.

David Adams also lives in Midvale Park.

"Not only do we have to paint our house, if we don't do it, we're going to be fined," he said.

He and his fiancée had the house painted 18 months ago.

It was painted the same color it's been since his fiancée bought it in 1989.

The board claimed they told people about the paint change two years ago.

"They never notified anybody the 10 people on the board give or take made the decision for thousands of houses to make these changes without any input from the community," Adam said.

News 4 Tucson reached out to the Midvale Park Homeowners Association.

They sent the following statement.

"The proposed paint palette of the association was adopted in June of 2018 and notice was sent out to all homeowners.  The board is always amenable to hearing discussions for the paint palette."

 Residents tried to voice their concerns at a recent meeting.

"When we had a board meeting on the telephone the other day, they had an 'our way or the highway' attitude and it's just not right," Adams said.

The residents also said that because of the pandemic it's not realistic to ask residents to paint their houses when residents have either lost their jobs or had their hours cut.

The Homeowners Association responded.

"The board of directors truly understands the financial crisis the pandemic has brought upon some homeowners and has and will continue to work with each individual's situation regarding all violations."

Besides painting the houses, the Homeowners Association has new rules about trash cans.

The association is asking the trash cans be kept in the backyard.

Adams said residents are concerned this will cause problems for the disabled.  

"The trash collectors k," he said. "They are not going to into somebody's backyard to dump the trash."

The Homeowners Association wrote in a statement: "The Board of Directors for Midvale Park are working on the beautification of the community and maintaining property values in a competitive market."

Adams added, they will be getting an attorney to represent them.

Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo is an investigative reporter. She is part of the Digging Deeper team that uncovers important issues focusing on crime that affects the community.

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