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DIGGING DEEPER: Some residents claim apartments are infested with roaches

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TUCSON (KVOA) - It's a health hazard, according to some who live in a midtown apartment complex.

The property management company claims they're doing all they can.

Some of the residents living in the complex said their apartments are infested with roaches. It's gotten so bad some of the tenants told News 4 Tucson they're moving out.

"We can't deal with it anymore, we just can't," said Raymond Meader. "There's way too many and they never stop."

Plus, there are children in the house.

"It's not right for little kids to be in conditions like this."

Another resident, Natosha Sullivan, shared pictures she took of the inside of her apartment of infestation.

She said she has two children with special needs.

"This is not a very safe or sanitary situation for either of my kids," Sullivan added.

Sullivan is a single mother. She was laid off from her job as a server due to COVID-19.

She has lived there since 2018 and has had roach problems from the beginning. But she claims it's gotten worse.

"The dishwasher was infested with it. Every time you open the dishwasher, they would come out," she said. "The pantry, they're in the wall where you are supposed to keep the food. It's not a sanitary situation."

The Digging Deeper Team knocked on other doors and asked if they had roach problems.

One tenant said no and also told us, the management company sends an exterminator every month. They follow it up by placing foggers afterward.

Meader acknowledged the exterminator coming every month as well but said it never got better.

"He just says, 'I'll be back next month, and you guys need to clean this up, clean that up'," Meader said. "We do exactly what he says every time and they just keep coming, and keep coming. It's never-ending."

That's what Sullivan said. She claimed she's also used foggers and glue strips, and the roaches are still there.

She told us she would leave if she had someplace to go, however when she received her stimulus check, she paid her rent through Dec. 31.

"I paid my rent so my children would have a safe place to live and to lay their head rather than my children out in the streets."

News 4 Tucson contacted Tucson Realty and Trust, the leasing company. They sent an email stating:

"The property has been treated for pests previously, treated again when Sullivan complained."

"They also contacted the City of Tucson and asked they treat the sewers for roaches."

Remember Sullivan said her dishwasher was infested with roaches? The email stated the "Pest control company inspected it and stated there were no roaches in the dishwasher."

Sullivan complained of mold. They hired a certified mold professional to test for it. And per the lease, if there was mold, the leasing company would pay for it. If not, she would.

The mold expert wrote in his report dated Sept. 16 " evidence of mold growth" and "no insect parts were identified in any air sample..."

So, the management company handed over a $650 bill to Sullivan and it was taken out of the advance rent money.

A representative for the apartment complex told us, they've offered to let her out of her lease without any penalties.

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Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo is an investigative reporter. She is part of the Digging Deeper team that uncovers important issues focusing on crime that affects the community.

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