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PCSD Major Investigation Unit taking drugs off streets

TUCSON – Pima County Sheriff’s Department said they recently seized over $320,000 worth of cocaine and $60,000 in cash.

They also confiscated a gun and an AR-15 rifle that was dismantled and ready to be smuggled into Mexico.

Two people were arrested as a result of a tip from a concerned citizen.

The Major Investigation Unit along with the Border Interdiction Unit has been finding illegal drugs concealed in hidden compartments that were specially installed in vehicles after they were purchased.

In 2018 they seized the following:

Marijuana (lbs.) 1061.251

Methamphetamine (lbs.) 325.167

Heroin (lbs.) 38.675

Cocaine (lbs.) 254.582

Fentanyl Powder (lbs.) 0.12

Fentanyl (pills) 658

So far this year

Marijuana (lbs.) 10.001

Methamphetamine (lbs.) 41.61

Heroin (lbs.) 25.25

Cocaine (lbs.) 56.18

Fentanyl Powder (lbs.) 0

Fentanyl (pills) 17900

Sgt. Christy Anderson said getting these drugs off the street is a huge impact for the community.

She added the opioid overdose in Arizona has skyrocketed.  So anything they can do to prevent that and keep the community safe they will do.

Recently, the major investigation unit helped clean up an east side apartment complex.

Tony Walters is one of the residents he told News 4 Tucson, “I’m all for them getting the drugs off the street.”  Another resident Randy Stainback added, “They’re doing a hell of a job, I can’t say enough about them.”

The sheriff department said if you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood call 88-CRIME or the sheriff’s tip line 520 351-4420.

Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo

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