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Daughter asks for public’s help to solve dad’s murder

TUCSON – It has been 16 years since Diana Figueroa last saw her father.

He was murdered in March 2003.

Tucson police said he was beaten to death and left behind the Pep Boys store on South Sixth Avenue.  They’re looking for witnesses.

Carlos Figueroa was 53 years old.  He was a veteran, he was a grandfather, and he was homeless.

There were demons his daughter tried to help him with when he was living with her and her family.

“It came to a point in his life where he had to choose what he was going to do, and he chose alcohol,” said Diana Figueroa.

However, they had a pact that he would check in with her regular basis so she would know he was okay.

Just before he was murdered she said she had spoken to him and he was trying to get in touch with her brother so they could play pool.

The next call she received was to let her know he had been beaten and was in the hospital.

She was told there were no drugs or alcohol in his system.

She claimed his friends told her he was trying to turn his life around.

But he did not make it.  He died a few days later due to his injuries.

Sgt. Marco Borboa, with Tucson Police Department,  told News 4 Tucson they are continuing to work the case.

He said this was a unique case because they received multiple leads; however, they did not make an arrest.

He also said some of the witnesses spoke to others about what they saw but they never spoke directly to police.

“For whatever fear those people had in not coming forth to police, 16 years have now passed and maybe they feel more comfortable to approach us and help us,” said Borboa.

Sgt. Borboa said some of those witnesses returned to Mexico, others moved out of state.

He added they need information to tie some of the forensic evidence they found at the scene.

Diana Figueroa believes DNA could play a factor because of the advances in technology.  Sgt. Borboa said DNA was gathered from the scene and while he won’t release the results that’s where the witnesses come in to link the case when that piece of information comes in.

Figueroa said she will never give up searching for answers because she told her dad she would never give up on him.

If you have information call 88-CRIME or visit



Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo

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