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Car thieves who stole credit cards need to be identified

TUCSON – The Pima County Sheriff’s Department needs your help finding three suspects who stole a vehicle and the victim’s identity.

Vail, Arizona is known for being a nice and quiet community. But, it’s recently become the target for car thieves.

One man, who wishes not to be identified, was the latest victim.

He told News 4 Tucson, he left his credit card in the console of his truck and went to bed. He didn’t lock it.

“I’ve been here six years and we’ve never had an incident no problem, nothing,” he said.

The thieves not only stole his silver Toyota 2011 Limited 4 Runner but his identity as well. He woke up to multiple alerts from his bank saying that his credit card was being used and quickly called 911.

Police were able to find video of  three suspects. Footage showed the three individuals showing up to a nearby Walmart in the stolen car and purchasing multiple items.

The first man (5’10” and 200 pounds), is the suspect who used the credit card, the second man (6′ and 200 pounds) was the driver and a woman (5’8” and 145 pounds) was also present.

According to the victim, his vehicle was eventually found a couple of days later. The thieves had switched out the license plate and totaled the car.

“We found a lot of needles, hypodermics inside of the car,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Department is warning people to not leave valuables in the car, lock the doors and don’t leave your keys in your vehicle.

If you recognize these individuals call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME.



Caitlin Alexander

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