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Trailhead thieves busted

TUCSON – Three people were arrested after Police caught them breaking into cars near hiking trailheads.

Ventana Trailhead, a 12-mile hike, was one of the locations.

Ventana hiker Dave Szeptyki, said the news of the break-ins put him on edge.

“You are leaving your valuable car and whatever might be in that car while you are off enjoying nature. It’s quite upsetting when you come back you found your car has been broken into,” Szeptyki said.

The suspects, Humberto Durazo, Yolanda Moreno, and Heriberto Felix broke into over 100 vehicles before they were caught. Oro Valley Police was also involved in the investigation.

Deputy Chris Pozo, a member of the Pima County Sheriff’s Rincon District’s Directed Patrol, said the men targeted nearly a dozen locations throughout Pima County.

“They were charged with multiple counts of computer tampering, burglary, fraudulent use of a credit card, theft of credit, aggravated identity theft, weapons misconduct and possession of stolen property,” Pozo said.

According to Pozo, the break-in victim’s losses totaled over $42,000.

“Sometimes they would follow the victims into the trailhead and were able to observe around in that area where a victim would put a purse or a wallet and would wait for the victim to walk off and then do a quick smash and grab,” Pozo said.

Even though the suspects have been arrested, Sheriff’s Deputies still recommend being cautious. While hiking, you should carry your ID, a credit card and some cash while you leave your valuables at home.




Caitlin Alexander

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