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Search continues for missing teacher

TUCSON – A mother of two and a well-respected Tucson high teacher has been missing for two months.

46-year old Elizabeth Breck was last seen on January 13.  She had checked into Sierra Tucson on January 9.  She was there for a 30-day program to help with trauma issues.

Pinal County sheriff’s office combed a five-mile radius from the facility that’s located in Catalina.

Patriot Shield Investigations is a private company.  The family hired them to help locate Breck.

Most of the investigators are retired law enforcement.

George Economidis is retired from the Pima County sheriff’s department.  He’s had years of experience working search and rescue.  He said with the help of the Go Fund Me account they hope to expand the search area to include Romero pools in Catalina State Park.  Friends and family said Breck was an avid hiker and that was her favorite spot.

Economidis said he wants to bring search dogs, horses, and the Southern Arizona Rescue Association.

Another investigator said it’s been very challenging because Sierra Tucson isn’t talking to them, and an out of town construction company that’s working at the facility isn’t talking to investigators either.  She said they would like to talk to employees who were working the day she went missing to see if they saw her.

According to the investigator, Breck was last seen at 2:30 by an employee and when there was a bed check 30 minutes later she was gone.

They do know she made a phone call to a friend at noon and left a message.

The investigator said from what they’ve been able to find out she has not contacted anybody since she went missing not even her two daughters who are very close to her.

There has been no movement in her credit card and bank account.

The investigator added, “This is not characteristic of her.”

Raul Soto-Romero is a senior at Tucson High.  For two years he had Elizabeth Breck as a teacher.  He said, “She was one of those teachers that you looked forward to going to her class every day.”

He said it’s been devastating to those who knew her and the students are really sad.

Soto-Romero recently won an essay contest that Mrs. Breck encouraged him to enter.

She submitted it for competition.   Soto-Romero told News 4 Tucson, “I really wish I could hopefully see her again and say thank you for all the help, and the things she’s done for me, because I wouldn’t be at this point if it wasn’t for her.”

Soto-Romero was awarded a baseball scholarship to Western Oregon University.  He said Elizabeth Breck was instrumental in helping him achieve that.

Next month will be Breck’s birthday, Patriot Shield Investigations wants desperately to give the family answers.




Caitlin Alexander

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