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Crime Trackers: Suspected killer arrested in Tucson will be extradited to North Carolina

TUCSON – A hearing Thursday in Superior Court for a North Carolina man who is accused of killing his wife in Nash County.

Lynn Keel, 57, waived his extradition during a court appearance Thursday afternoon. He will return to North Carolina to face first-degree murder charges Friday.

Lynn Keel/ WRAL

Also Sheriff Keith Stone and some of the detectives who have been working the case will be in the courtroom.

Before leaving North Carolina, Sheriff Stone spoke to WRAL in Raleigh.

“This is a first-degree murder case possibly carrying with it a death sentence,” he said. “We want to make sure we do everything right.”

Keel is charged with killing his wife 38-year-old Diana Keel earlier in March.

Not only is Nash County Sheriff’s Department investigating Diana Keel’s death, but they are also looking into the death of his previous wife, Bess. She died in 2006 in the same house where Diana Keel lived.

At the time, it was ruled an accident. It was reported she fell down the stairs in front of their home.

People who knew her had concerns and speculations it may not have been an accident.

“Obviously there is a concern there,” Stone said. “The public asked me to look into it and I feel like we need to do that.”

Caitlin Alexander

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